Radioactive Gems

The gemstones above are radioactive as defined in 49 CFR 173.403 (greater than 70 Bq/gram), but are considered safe under most circumstances since gemstones of these types are usually small. However, gems with Strong andVery Strong radioactivity should be handled carefully with very limited contact and exposure.

The following radioacitve elements are found in radioactive gems (click on the elements for more information):

Ce – Cerium

K – Potassium

La – Lanthanum

Nd – Neodymium

Pr – Praseodymium

Rb – Rubidium

Sm – Samarium

Th – Thorium

U – Uranium


The following radioactive elements are also Rare Earth Elements (REE):
Ce – Cerium,  La – Lanthanum,  Nd – Neodymium,  Pr – Praseodymium,  Sm – Samarium,  Th – Thorium

Below are more details on the radioactive minerals gems. They are listed in order of their strength of radioactivity from strongest to least as measured by their GRapi units (Gamma Ray American Petroleum Institute). Hover your cursor over a gem name to see a picture of that gem type or click on the gem name to open a new page with detailed information about that gem type and our gems for sale.